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Renee looks great! She fits the part perfectly


When are we going to see Ewan?


Oooh, she looks excellent!

kelly north

Any new photos?


I spoke with Miss Zellweger at the Bluebell Railway set and she is the perfect English Lady with a Texan sense of humour.

sam king

Wonderful movie, great costumes, sets, details and photography....just one question. Renee's foundation makeup did not seem to be blended at the jawline. Did not notice with any of the other cast members. Was this intended to be this way? Renee and the entire cast did a fabulous job...we will see it a second time!


I saw the movie today and thought it was wonderful. The cast was excellent and i couldn't help to notice that renee and erwin have acted together in down with love and are now falling in love again. How funny.

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Oh my god, she looks amazing!!!

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She looks wonderful. is this a new movie?

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