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Keep up the good work...this is my first stop every night on the internet. Love Renee and Ewan is great.


Gee. Too bad I'm not over there I could've thrown some prawns on the Barbie for the cast and crew. Really, I wouldn't mind.


Great Blog Bonnie Bell!!

Dorothy-Joy East

Great commentary - more photos please.


As an Islander I was disappointed to read of your desperation to get off 'the rock'.I appreciate you probably have limited time between filming to explore,but I do feel it's a shame that your experience of working here is marred by being based in Douglas - not exactly the IOM's highlight!If you get the chance there are many great places to eat,drink and shop all over our beautiful Island - you just have to have a spirit of adventure and break away from the mindset that it's only good if it's convenient or trendy.I have lived in the States and all over the UK but the IOM just draws me back.If it all gets too much for you just remember the tax breaks!!!


Thanks so much for the lovely blogs. Some of us were wondering, we are big Renee fans and we know she has a birthday coming up later this month. We wanted to send a card with birthday wishes to her but have no idea where to send it. Could you be of any help? It would be GREATLY appreciated.


Very interesting to know whats been going on...please. please give us more!!


i'm a really big renée fan and i would like to know if, if i sent you a letter destined to her, you could give her personally. just like jae said. but in this case, it would be from only me.
*hoping desperately your answer*


Not long to RZ's Birthday. Just a couple of weeks.

My dearest and most favourite Blogger, can you wish a good one from her fans at IMDb?

Does anyone read these posts besides us?

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