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Hi, I was at the unveiling of the statue and met Renee who spent a lot of time talking to my daughter who is in a wheelchair. I just wanted to say that she was lovely. I think they've been filming in the Coniston and Grasmere areas.


Sam that is so great, Renee is the best!


Is there to be no more blog? What's going on people? Nothing since they left the IOM!! And they were still filming in England.


The blog is dead. Long live the blog.
P.S. What happened?!?


Recent reports said they have wrapped the film a few nights ago, that renee threw everyone a big party and i guess this means no more blog! :( :( :(


Why start a flippin blog if you're not going to follow through with it??

Very disappointed!


I guess since filming is completed, we won't get anymore information. Too bad. Great idea to do a blog. Sad the blogger couldn't follow through to the end.

Rose Minnie

Hi! Great idea to do a blog on the making of the movie. I'm just wondering who is writing this blog? I haven't seen that information anywhere. Thanks!


all we know is it's written by the Director's PA. (read the second post from bottom). Yeah, what's happening now? what happened from April to December?! oh how cruel to start and then leave us hanging! please come back!

hadi khojinian

thats fine and best .last night i enjoyed .i love miss potter because gave me hope .


nice blog.

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