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Great book. I just want to say what a fantastic thing you are doing! Good luck!


Lovely picture and gud job.

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I think Renee is an AMAZING actress! Can't ever have enough of this AMAZING woman :) A fan till the end!

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Renee looks great.. She's perfect for the role..


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Renee is very beautiful in her role as Bridget in the Bridget Jones Diary. She is perfect for her role.

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Whatever role she plays on screen, she is totally awesome in playing them.


I hate to imagine the changes that will be presented shortly, we have seen 3D movies in HD, BlueRay and want to see who will come after this I'm anxious.

Harry Hilders

Great picture, love the style!

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lovely pic, looks nice on your blog

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Renee as Beatrix is looking very nice. I think it is not photo. It might be sketch.


puma speed cat

wow...I very love her

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She's a great actress. this picture it's looks good. I really love her.


Still haven't seen this - really should though!

Smurf Outfit

What are great post! I didn't expect to find what I was looking for in this site!!

Michelle Pendlelton

Oooh~ I love this movie, and I love her picture!

For me, Renee did a wonderful job in portraying Miss Potter.

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