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Lovely picture of Renee as Beatrix...any pics of Ewan as Norman?

Thanks much!!


Hurray! More blog at last. Nice pic but are there no more words?


Yay thank god our blogger lives on! That pic is fantastic!


O dear blogger, how we've missed you! Don't ever leave us for so long again! Great pic of Renee, got any of the other cast members?


Still checking for more!

Throw us some crumbs please.


Why don't you leave the poor guy/girl alone? Jeez.


Leave the poor girl/guy alone?

Surely the idea of a blog was to attract people who are interested in this film. We are genuinely interested to know more if there is more to know.

If this blog is finished, all that is required is to just let us know.


Lovely pic!


Yes, isn't it? Wonder if there are any more that they could show us?


I wanna hear about the party renee threw for everyone...details!

Charlie Quoker

I'd love to know more about what you thought of the Isle of Man... come back soon!


Oh please toss more crumbs our way! I stumbled across this and now I cant get it out of my mind! When shall it be released? I've found on site saying in December and another in January. I'm hoping for January since it would mean it's out the day before my birthday and what a splended movie to watch for ones birthday!

Laura Thompson

I am very excited for the movie to come out as well, as I grew up reading Beatrix Potter's books! I have a client now, Breakaway Adventures, who offers a walking tour through the Lakes District in England where the movie was filmed and where Beatrix Potter wrote her books. It’s a lovely tour and I thought might be of interest to fans of the movie. Check out this link for more details: www.breakaway-adventures.com/releases/potter.html. Thanks!

Laura Thompson


Michael Friscia

I am really looking forward to the movie having just completed a website for Linda Lear and her book: Beatrix Potter, A Life in Nature at www.bpotter.com. Beatrix was an amazing woman and I think Renee is the perfect choice to play her.

Richard Walton

My wife and I took our 7 year old daughter to see Miss Potter today - 6th Jan 2006.

I thought it was a delightful film.

Richard (Leeds).


I drove out of state to see this movie tonight and it added 60$ to my tickets. It was worth it. Loved the show. Am planning to buy it! :) Thanks for a classy movie without 'tacky hollywood' in the package. Nice to see a movie with a plot and not have to see people's toungues down their throats or things blowing up.


Have read a lot of comments re this film that are so favorable except for a miniscule few with negative remarks who refused or could not see the attention to details the actors,director and crew adhered to in this edwadrian setting. I saw this movie and all the positive comments are true including the end parts where people remained in their seats reading through the credits and enjoying that haunting song sung by an enchanting voice. Is has done very well here in Australia being Number one in the box office as of Feb.9


As of last night, I've seen this film 3 times. It is a rare breed of classy, moving film, and so unlike many of today's movies. I loved this movie; so romantic and so so sad (I bawled my eyes out the first time I saw it). All the performances were brilliant, and Renee and Ewan made a gorgeous couple.
Thank you for this amazing film.


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